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Stratford Homes

In addition to custom built homes, Carlson Erickson Builders also offers a home building system through Stratford Homes.  The Stratford advantage gives you a custom, energy efficient, cost effective home you'll be proud to live in for less than the cost of a custom home.  Carlson Erickson has built more than 100 Stratford Homes since becoming an Independent Dealer.  Stratford Homes are built in finished modules at one of their manufacturing facilities.  Each model is built the same as a home built on site on your foundation.  The modules are then delivered to the job site where your new home is erected on the new foundation. Once your home is set, Carlson Erickson's quality crew will complete the finish work.

For more information on the Stratford Advantage, there is a direct link to the Stratford Website on our Home Page.  

For a brochure featuring more than 50 plans and designs detailing the Stratford Advantage please call Brian Zak at 920-854-2162 or Email: [email protected].

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